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  1. Where equipment is specified by name of manufacturer and model number, it is intended that the designated name and number represent the first preference of the owner.  Any bidder wishing to submit a quotation on a similar brand may do so provided that the following requirements are met.
  2. Bidder must submit to the owner ten working days prior to bid opening in writing a request for approval of any equipment he/she contemplates furnishing as an alternate.  The bidder must also submit with this request any deviations from the specification.  Failure to do so will result in rejection of the proposed bid.


  1. The walk-in Cooler/Freezer shall be manufactured by Thermalrite.
  2. To protect the client’s interest, no substitutions will be accepted unless by specific approval prior to bid date.                  

Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Panel Construction                 

  1. All panels shall be constructed of prefabricated sections joined together to form a room of exact dimensions as specified.  To assure perfect alignment and maximum strength, corner panels shall be 90 degree angles.  Panels shall be designed to allow for future expansion.  The ceiling and floor panels shall cam lock to the wall panels.
  2. Panels shall consist of interior and exterior metal pans precisely formed, framed with tongue and groove High Density Hard-Nosed Foam Rail with not less than 2 lbs. per square foot density and thoroughly checked for uniformity and accuracy.  The metal pans or “skins” shall be placed into steel molds and liquid urethane injected between them.  Urethane shall be UL approved foamed-in-place and, when completely cured, binds tenaciously to the metal skins to form a rigid 4” thick insulated panel.  To insure tight joints, panel edges must be tongue and groove with a flexible vinyl gasket on the interior and exterior edges.  Gaskets shall be resistant to oil, fats, water, detergents and sunlight.  Gaskets must be NSF approved.  The walk-in and refrigeration shall meet the 2009 US Energy Bill H.R. 6 Energy Independence Act.
  3. If the walk-in Cooler/Freezer has a pre-fabricated, insulated floor it will be fabricated with 5/8” plywood underlayment with a .050 aluminum interior floor finish with a minimum rating of 1000 lbs. per sq. ft. when evenly distributed.


The interior of the walk-in shall be 26 ga. smooth White Sanisteel with antibacterial properties which inhibit the growth of molds, bacteria, mildew and fungi.  The exposed exterior shall be 26 ga. embossed Acrylume with the non-exposed surfaces being 26 ga. embossed Acrylume.

Panel Fasteners

Walk-in wall, ceiling and floor panels shall be assembled with cam- action panel fasteners employing an acentric mechanism and clutch principal to align panels perfectly and compress gaskets fully, including ceiling and floor panels.  Each locking devise shall consist of a cam-action, hooked locking arm placed in the “tongue” rail and a steel rod precisely positioned in the adjoining “groove” rail.  By rotating the locking arm, the hook engages over the rod and with cam-action, draws the panels tightly together.  Locking mechanisms shall be operated from the interior using an Allen wrench, all lock holes will then be sealed with a vinyl plug.  The required locking wrench shall be supplied as part of the walk-in.  All wall, floor and ceiling panels shall have a minimum of 3 cam-locking devices.


Panel insulation for the Cooler/Freezer shall be 4” thick rigid urethane foam with a thermal conductivity K factor of 0.12 (R factor of 32).  Panel insulation shall have a 97% closed cell structure, compression strength at yield point of 30 lbs. per square inch.

Standard Hinged Entrance Door

1. Entrance doors shall be 36”x 78” flush mounted and self-closing.  The door section shall provide a full 4” of polyurethane insulation; construction and finish shall be the same as the adjoining wall panels.

The door shall be constructed to incorporate a heavy-duty fiberglass molded pultrusion 1/8” minimum thickness, which is permanently foamed-in-place.  The bottom of the door shall seal with a double blade sweep gasket.  The Cooler/Freezer door jamb shall be constructed of a fully welded, anodized aluminum rigid frame.  The perimeter of the frame shall be not less than two inches wide thus providing an integral backing to accommodate all required hardware.

The Freezer door jamb shall have a 120 volt jamb heater mounted on three sides of the aluminum extruded jamb in a stainless steel capped electrical raceway.  The heater is designed to be easily replaced without the need for special tools should a failure occur.  The bottom of the door shall have a heater wire designed within the double door sweep forming a thermal break without the need of a heated threshold.  The door gasket shall be magnetic and of a dart and retainer design that will allow for easy replacement by the end user without the need of any tools.  Door hinges shall be chrome plated, heavy duty, cam-lift with spring assist for a self-close design.  The latch shall be heavy-duty commercial type with inside emergency release.  Latch is of dead-bolt design with both cylinder lock and padlock provision.  Door panels to include .100 ADT kick plates 36” high on the interior and exterior. 

2. Door panels shall be provided with a visual temperature display with light management, door ajar alarm and interior panic alarm.  The digital temperature stubbed out through the ceiling panel with no exposed electrical conduit.

 3. Provide K-1806 ceiling mounting (number of fixtures to be appropriate for compartment size) with (1) 1806 light fixture mounted at each door jamb.

 4. Provide vertical air space close off trim where walk-in meets building walls and removable horizontal ceiling close off trim to room ceiling

N.S.F. Listing

Walk-ins shall be listed by NSF International, design and construction must meet their standards.

U.L. Listed

U.L. approved urethane foam.  All panels shall bear the Underwriters Laboratories label certifying a low flame spread rating of 25 or less.  It shall conform to ASTM-84 (UL 723)

The door frame shall be pre-wired and a UL approved electrical assembly.

Trim Closure

Trim strips between walk-in and building walls provided where shown on drawings. Constructed and finished of same material as exterior of walk-in.  Removable closure panels to enclose the area between the building and the walk-in ceilings. Panels to be fabricated of same material as walk-in exterior.

Panel Warranty

The manufacturer shall warranty to the original purchaser, the foamed-in-place panels, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and service, for a period of ten (10) years from the date of shipment.

All hardware and electrical components (except light fixtures and refrigeration equipment, covered separately) are warranted against normal use and service for a period of one (1) year.


Thermalrite will repair or exchange, at its option F.O. B. factory, any part of said equipment (exclusive of lights and other expendable electrical components) which prove to be defective within the warranty coverage period.  Inspection by Thermalrite Service Department, of parts claimed defective, shall be final in determining warranty status.  The warranty does not include transportation charges to and from Thermalrite factory or labor charges for making any in-warranty repairs or exchanges of defective parts and will not apply to said equipment nor any part thereof which has been subject to misuse, damage in transit, accident, negligence, or alteration.  This warranty does not apply to any equipment or any part thereof, which has been subjected to improper voltage, alteration, abuse or misuses, and does not cover loss of food, other products or damage to property due to mechanical or electrical malfunction.

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